2. Verification Member

This verification is done by calling Goodie.verification() function. This function will retrieve based on the username, merchantId, verificationCode. In our backend system, we have a flag “isVerification” if you set this flag true, Users have to fill verification code to activate their account. (our backend system will send verification code by email or message).

Here is example:

1.	GoodieCore.verification(username: "username", merchantId: "merchantId", code: "verificationCode", completion: { (VerificationResponse) in  
2.	    if VerificationResponse.abstractResponse?.responseStatus == "MEM000" {  
3.	        //success  
4.	    }else{  
5.	        //failed  
6.	    }  
7.	}) { (Error) in  
8.	    //error  
9.	}  

Where :
Param Type Description
username String username is used as a login member to sdk goodie
merchantId String merchantId is identifier that will be used to identity a merchant
verificationCode String verificationCode is digit code that we use to verify your mobile phone number, This code is received during registration.

Response verification member :
1.	{  
2.	    "referralPoint": 0,  
3.	    "abstractResponse": {  
4.	        "responseStatus": "MEM000",  
5.	        "responseMessage": "Register member with Verify Code Success"  
6.	    }  
7.	}