3. Basic Login

This login is done by calling Goodie.setLogin() function. This function will retrieve based on the deviceUniqueId, username, password, merchantCode. Login to Goodie System to access Goodie Feature.

Here is example:

Goodie.setLogin(deviceUniqueId, username, password, merchantCode)
        .loginGoodie(this, new SetLoginListener(){


            public void onSuccess(LoginResponse response){                      

                    //on success 



            public void onError(Throwable throwable) {

                //on error



Where :
Param Type Description
deviceUniqueId String deviceUniqueId is identify android device
username String username is used as a login member to sdk goodie
password String password is used as for authentication purpose
merchantCode String merchantCode is identifier that will be used to identity a merchant

Response login :
    "authToken": "2D16E169-2227-4BED-B96E-ACB58E8978AB",
    "authDevice": "tokentokenan",
    "expiryTime": "2019-04-02_09:27:32",
    "memberId": "8A2EC944-3E83-4D9F-9E0C-D47CEBF5C20C",
    "merchantId": "5F773EA1-1E66-4F9E-B9C8-E1FA8156AD20",
    "firstName": "hana",
    "lastName": "susan",
    "phoneNumber": "085778237247",
    "gender": "",
    "birthDate": "",
    "status": -1,
    "qrImage": null,

    "abstractResponse": {

        "responseStatus": "AUTH000",
        "responseMessage": "Authentication success"