11. Member Profile

Description : Member API is used to view member profile.
URL : https://sandbox.goodie.id/api-rest/point-transaction/redemption/reward/redeem
Method : GET
Header :
No Key Value Requirement Description
1 Content-type application/x-www-form-urlencoded M Security Header
2 authToken String M authentication
3 deviceUniqueId String M Device Id

Request Params :
No Parameter Value Requirement Description
1 merchantId String M merchant’s Id
2 memberId String M Member’s Id

Response :
No Parameter Value Description
1 memberId String Member’s id
2 firstName String Member’s first name
3 lastName String Member’s last name
4 memberPicture String Member’s picture
5 Address String Member’s address
6 City String Member’s city
7 Province String Member’s province
8 Country String Member’s country
9 postalCode String Member’s postal code
10 placeOfBirth String Member’s place of birth
11 birthdate Date Member’s birth date
12 Gender String Member’s gender
13 mobilePhone String Member’s mobile phone
14 Email String Member’s email
15 abstractResponse
16 responseMessage String See details**
17 responseMessage String See details**

JSON Format :

    "memberId": "CE38F7D7-23C4-4F81-B7B6-AA4B97567F20",
    "firstName": "fitria",
    "lastName": "utami",
    "userName": "futami@goodie.id",
    "memberPicture": null,
    "address": "futami@goodie.id",
    "city": null,
    "province": null,
    "country": "Indonesia",
    "postalCode": "",
    "placeOfBirth": null,
    "birthDate": "-",
    "gender": null,
    "mobilePhone": "0809899992",
    "email": "futami@goodie.id",
    "abstractResponse": {
        "responseStatus": "INQ000",
        "responseMessage": "Inquiry success"