10. Redeem MyReward

This function Goodie.voucherUsage() is used to redeem your voucher (You can get voucher from redeeming your points).

Here is example:

1.	GoodieCore.voucherUsage(authToken: "authToken", deviceUniqueId: "deviceUniqueId", memberId: "memberId", merchantId: "merchantId", voucherBalanceId: "voucherBalanceId", storeId: "storeId", completion: { (VoucherUsageResponse) in  
2.	    if VoucherUsageResponse.abstractResponse?.responseStatus == "INQ001" {  
3.	        //success, do something  
4.	    }else{  
5.	        //failed  
6.	    }  
7.	}) { (Error) in  
8.	    //error  
9.	}  

Where :
Param Type Description
authToken String authToken is used as for header authentication purpose
deviceUniqueId String deviceUniqueId is identify android device
memberId String memberId is identifier that will be used to identity a member
merchantId String merchantId is identifier that will be used to identity a merchant
voucherBalanceId String It is used for identified voucher (Voucher Unique Id)
storeId String storeId is an unique id to identify specific store

Response Redeem MyReward :
1.	{  
2.	    "memberId": "D0A57818-1351-463D-9AD0-8A593250A68F",  
3.	    "merchantId": "5F773EA1-1E66-4F9E-B9C8-E1FA8156AD20",  
4.	    "abstractResponse": {  
5.	        "responseStatus": "INQ001",  
6.	        "responseMessage": "Redeem success"  
7.	    }  
8.	}