10. Member Point

Description : Member point API is used to show point when member will do transaction.
URL : https://sandbox.goodie.id/api-rest/member/points
Method : GET
Header :
No Key Value Requirement Description
1 Content-type application/x-www-form-urlencoded M Security Header
2 authToken String M authentication
3 deviceUniqueId String M Device Id

Request Params :
No Parameter Value Requirement Description
1 merchantId String M merchant’s Id
2 memberId String M Member’s Id

Response :
No Parameter Value Description
1 tierName String Tier level
2 tierImage String Tier image
3 nextTierName String Next tier member
4 nextTierImage String Next tier image
5 reqPointNextTier Integer Required point for next level
6 totalPoints Integer Member’s point
7 memberName String Member’s name
8 memberId String Member’s id
9 merchantId String Id of the merchant
10 nearestPointToBeExpire Integer Nearest point to be expire
11 nearestExpiredDate String Point nearest expired date
12 abstractResponse
13 responseStatus String See details**
14 responseMessage String See details**

JSON Format :

    "tierName": "Gold",
    "tierImage": "",
    "nextTierName": "Premium",
    "nextTierImage": "",
    "reqPointNextTier": 12,
    "totalPoints": 89,
    "memberName": "fitria utami",
    "memberId": "CE38F7D7-23C4-4F81-B7B6-AA4B97567F20",
    "merchantId": "5F773EA1-1E66-4F9E-B9C8-E1FA8156AD20",
    "nearestPointToBeExpire": 19,
    "nearestExpiredDate": "2019-06-30",
    "abstractResponse": {
        "responseStatus": "INQ000",
        "responseMessage": "Inquiry success"