With our Goodie Loyalty SDK (Software Development Kit), You can embed Loyalty feature inside your application quickly and very easily. We provide Goodie SDK that has been designed and optimized for easy to use.

Goodie SDK Features

When you try our loyalty SDK, you will find the default built-in features such as:

• Register

• Verification

• Login

• Member Point

• Promotion Inquiry

• Promotion Posting

• List Reward

• Member Profile

• Voucher Balance

• Voucher Redeem

• Redeem Reward

• Point Transaction History

Try Sample App

To meet your expectation, we suggest you to try our sample app. The sample app is built with full functionalities, so that you can figure out the flow and main activities of common chat apps. We provide you 2 option to start with the sample app: Try sample app only and sample app with Backend.